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Halt' still und fühle Dein Empfinden !

Der Moment
bin Ich in meinem Leben.
Der Moment
ist Ich in meinem Leben.

ist Ich in meinem Leben.
Der Gedanke
ist Ich in meinem Leben.

Was weht her
von welker Nacht ?
Unendlicher Friede
im gelebten Moment !

(by Dornenreich)


Fiends, criminals, slaves, blasphemers!
The word of Ra is against you..
Ye are fettered and bound with leather?
straps... helpless, doomed?
Wailing in unendurable torment?
?lashed to the forked slave stick by the neck!

Lashed to the slave stick?
Abata ankh t khet...
...Neba t steb tcha

Lashed to the slave stick!

Ra pronounceth the formula against thee!
The Eye of Horus is prepared to attack thee!
Sekhmet uttereth words of flame against thee?

?and pierceth thy breast!!!

?your evil deeds have turned against you!
?your plottings have come upon you!
For your abominable acts?
?you shall be lashed to the slave stick!

Abui? the god who burns the dead!!!
?shall leave you smoldering in exile from the Netherworld?
Abati, the gorer!!!
?causes you to howl like a jackal in anguish?

Your doom hath been decreed by Ra!
Your unjust and perverse judgements are upon yourselves..
The wickedness of your words of cursing are upon you!
It is you who hath committed the unutterable
and wrought iniquity in the great hall?

Your corruptible bodies shall be cut to pieces!
Your souls shall have no existence!
Ye shall never again see Ra!

As he journyeth in the hidden land?
?the doom of Ra is upon you!!!

Lashed to the slave stick?
Abata ankh t khet
Lashed to the slave stick?
Neba t steb tcha


1.8.05 12:03

Melancholy... still my desire
...for thy precious tragedian wine...
Sweep me away, into the vale of thine!
Where sorrow's strong and so is joy.

Melancholy... still my desire,
Oh let my heart by thee inspire...
Oh fill the air with thy sweet scent,
Let thy light, thy star crescent.

Wherever she dwells I will bid a farewell sigh
For she dwells with beauty - beauty that must die
And deep inside me I will wait for her return
To her enchanting, awe-inspiring flame I'll yearn..

O lust and rueful thought be mine,
My soul enhanced, desires...
My heart is thine.

by Empyrium

1.8.05 14:51

Stimmung: schei?e
Zustand: wach
Musik: Nevermore - "This godless endeavor"
Grad eben: mir egal
Nachher: mir egal
20.8.05 15:39

To be green in the beautiful hour of envy so divine
To be pure, to let chance form your infinite design
Let the seed awakening begin again
I hate the way you judge me
I hate that you?re above me
Can?t humanity reach a certain point of understanding?

Why do we live this way?
Why do we have to say the things that subvert the minds of youth?
Why is the world unborn as crashing seas still form?
The vision of the future is of blood

As we face the bleak horizon under crushing skies
The truth belying a future uncertain and dark
We are but one small race, all wear a human face
Yet our image is imperfect and flawed

To set your mind free you must first just listen
Don?t waste your life on worthless hate and contradiction, don?t you

Reaction in the earth and sky is coming at fast pace
The end to this winding road, extinction of our race
If we all are to survive, there must come great change
I foresee the future, I see the coming plague

Why do we live this way?
Why do we have to say the things that subvert the minds of youth?

To set your mind free you must first just listen
Don?t waste your life on worthless hate and contradiction, don?t you

~ Nevermore, "A Future Uncertain" ~
20.8.05 17:55

Es lebe der Alkvorrat meiner Eltern...

Was sich da so alles finden l?sst.....eine Freude*fg*

PROST AUF DIESEN SCHEI? TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20.8.05 20:30

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