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Halt' still und fühle Dein Empfinden !

Der Moment
bin Ich in meinem Leben.
Der Moment
ist Ich in meinem Leben.

ist Ich in meinem Leben.
Der Gedanke
ist Ich in meinem Leben.

Was weht her
von welker Nacht ?
Unendlicher Friede
im gelebten Moment !

(by Dornenreich)

"And what is with you fucking morons dissin' men like Eminem and Manson? WHY? Is that jealousy due to the fact that they're bringing this shit to the masses without pretentions for style? I mean, at least in their case the audience reflects the artist."

- Kvarforth/Shining -
1.3.05 21:20

Stimmung: gut!
Zustand: im Moment kein Fieber, daf?r weiterhin Husten/Halsweh-.-
Musik: Vargsang - "Call Of The Nightwolves"
Grad eben: meinen Schatz vermissen!
Nachher: ma Chemie anguggn..

3.3.05 09:42

Gloriole on your worm eaten head
Foul air escapes your lying mouth
Tyranny throughout the centuries of pain
Blinded zombies followed into the decline

Kneeling... in a stinking church
Crawling... before an image of god

Obliteration of adoration...

Burn the scriptures - fuck your obnoxious sermons
Shove the host - up your sanctimonious rectums

Son of stench - oppressor of vice
Castrated savior - king of imbecility
We press the thorns deeper into thy rancid body
Perennial torture - get raped by our sins...

Deride the martyrs of their crumbling dogmas
Devoted vermin poisoned with impurity
Shoot the servants of this rotten kingdom
Abomination is the wages idolatry

Shed the blood of christ - vomit upon the cross!!!

Kneeling... crawling...
Praying... Dying...

~ Belphegor ~
6.3.05 19:54

You say you know me...
I'm the Poison in your veins

My Faith is not welcome here
I Break the young and the cold

There is a Darkness here
You cannot imagine you cannot fathom
It speaks to me in tongues

Can you hear it?

I've built my tower of song
From words as bitter splintered bone
Gnarled and wretched, spiteful and harsh
I've cursed the vermin, the vermin of the earth
I've wished pestilence upon the foul and weak
Not just men, but woman and children too
With a rusted blade across their throats

I've played the tyrant's hand
Against the rhyme and reason of fools
I've prayed to sickly children
In their blackened cities of Filth
You say you know me? Do you?
I'm the poison in your veins
My Faith it is not welcome here

The Wilderness is Gathering all its Children in...

~ Primordial ~

7.3.05 22:06

Welcome to my world
Dark side of the universe
I'll take you for a spin, the mayhem begins...

The media mouth is feeding and chemical youth is screaming
The circus starts to rollthere's no turning back
You think it's right you made your mind

I've seen so many cross that line
I've seen them come
I've seen them go
Times will never change:
It's the same old song!
The same old song,
That's playing again,
The same old song!!!

Your soul is burning bright
High hopes of future sight
Beyond the horizon lays a world that's so black
They try to shape your mind
And make you walk the line
Don't let them steal your dreams
It's all that you've got
You start to doubt
You change your mind...

I've seen so many cross that line
I've seen them come
I've seen them go
Times will never change:
It's the same old song!
The same old song,
That's playing again,
The same old song!!!

Don't wanna heart it no more

Time to do this
Time to do that
I've got an offer
You can't refuse it
Just stick with
And I'll push you
All the way to the stars

Can't take it no more
...the same old song....
It's playing again....
The same old song...
It's playing again...
And again and again...
The same old song...

~ PAIN "Same Old Song" ~
15.3.05 17:27

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